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Trending Equipment for 2023

Jan 16, 2023 8:00:00 AM / by Billie Selichnow

With growing restrictions on gas-powered equipment, 2023 marks a major shift in consumer sentiment - shifting from gas towards electric and battery-powered equipment. With that in mind, lawn care companies are becoming more efficient with a wider selection of innovative tools that makes their work easier and more cost-effective. 

In the following lists, we have provided the best electric and gas powered equipment to upgrade your trailer in 2023. The criteria used in our selection have been based on quality, cutting performance, return on investment, comfort, runtime, and customer reviews.


Top Leaf Blowers for 2023:

  1. Electric | The EGO LB7654 blower: 
    1. This unit is one of the most powerful handheld electric blowers to date. Designed for lawn enthusiasts, this motor is versatile with a variable speed control trigger and provides extra comfort with a molded rubber grip. It’s also equipped with a 5.0 Ah battery, holding a run time of 25 minutes while at full speed, and 17 minutes while on turbo.
      1. Weight: 12lbs.
      2. Maintenance & Durability: 8/10
      3. Motor Type: 56V Battery
      4. Price: $300
      5. Warranty: 5-year Tool / 3-year Battery
      6. Power: 765CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute/200 mph)
      7. Customer Reviews: 4.7/5
  1. Gas | Stihl BR600 Backpack Blower:
    1. Designed for individuals using blowers several hours a week, this backpack blower is lightweight, and consolidated - without any unnecessary flaps or straps that get in the way on the job.
    2. Being the most popular backpack blower, used by both residential and commercial lawn care teams, the Stihl BR600 is a full package - from power to reliability, and even price.
      1. Weight: 25 lbs.
      2. Maintenance & Durability: 9/10
      3. Motor Type: Brushless Motor
      4. Price: $549
      5. Warranty:  2 Years
      6. Power: 677CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute/238 mph)
      7. Customer Reviews: 4.8/5


Top String Trimmer for 2023:

  1. Gas | Husqvarna 128LD Weed Eater:
    1.  A true powerhouse in its field, the Husqvarna 128LD is a straight-shaft gas string trimmer and is one of the more popular gas trimmers on the market. Both commercial and residential providers have these in their arsenal, and is often referred to as the “Cadillac of trimmers”.
    2. Notable Features: This trimmer comes with a spring-assist pull-start and has a “SmartStart” system, an air purge, and an auto return stop switch that keeps it on, making cold starts easy. It even comes with a wide shield so you’re not left covered in dirt.
      1. Weight: 12.7 lbs.
      2. Maintenance & Durability: 9/10
      3. Shaft Type: Streight
      4. Cutting Swath: 17 inches
      5. Power: 28cc
      6. Price: $250
      7. Warranty:  2 Years
      8. Customer Reviews: 4.5/5
  1. Electric | EGO Power+ Power Head (PH1400):
    1. This EGO multi-head attachment tool is equipped with a brushless motor that will guarantee a return on investment and longevity when compared to brushed motorheads. This tool presents a quieter, longer-lasting, cooler-running motor with more torque. 
    2. This tool comes with various attachments: a string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, pole saw, snow shovel, and a brush & broom attachment.
      1. Shaft Type: Streight
      2. Price: $149 (No charger or battery)
      3. Warranty: 5-year Tool / 3-year Battery
      4. Power: 56-Volt 5.0Ah
      5. Customer Reviews: 4.7/5



Top Riding Mowers for 2023

    1. Gas | Toro TimeCutter 708cc Zero Turn Mower 42”:
      1. While this mower is a premium residential mower built primarily for wide-open spaces or large lawns with obstacles, it is also equipped with commercial features such as pinpoint quality cuts, 10-gauge steel frame, forged mower deck, and a large-capacity fuel tank. It even boasts a 24.5 horsepower engine. 
      2. Backed by Toro’s cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, this mower provides a smooth MyRide suspension system as well as Smart Speed Technology, which adjusts to any pace for easy maneuverability.
        1. Power: 22.5 hp
        2. Cutting Deck: 42-inch
        3. Engine: Toro Commercial V-Twin 708cc w/Self-Cleaning Air Filter Housing
        4. Speed: 7 mph.
        5. Price: $3,399
        6. Warranty: 3 Years
        7. Customer Reviews: 4.6/5
    2. Electric | EGO Power+ Z6 42” Electric 56 V Zero Turn Mower:
      1. This battery-powered zero-turn riding mower is next-generation lawn care equipment. Although more expensive than some of its gas alternatives, the performance proves to be worth every penny  as it delivers top-of-the-line options for battery-powered zero turns.
      2. Powered by 6 56V ArcLithium batteries, this mower can last up to 1.5 acres at peak performance. It’s equipped with LED lights, 5 drive and cutting speeds, and adjustable seats built for various heights and weights.
        1. Power: 56-Volt 10Ah (22hp)
        2. Cutting Deck: 42 inches
        3. Speed: 8mph
        4. Price: $5,499
        5. Warranty: 2 Years
        6. Customer Reviews: 4.5/5



Best Stand-On Mowers for 2023:

    1. Gas | Cub Cadet Pro X 648 Stand-On Mower:
      1. Equipped with a fully fabricated 48-inch 10-gauge steel commercial deck shell, this stand-on mower also comes with standard 24” tires to give you easy clearance to hop curbs or overtake obstacles. It even comes with a fully adjustable suspension platform that allows you to adjust the tension and glide comfortably through tough terrains.
        1. Engine: Kawasaki FX691V
        2. Power: 22hp
        3. Cutting Deck: 48 inches
        4. Speed: 10 mph
        5. Price: $10,099
        6. Warranty: 3 Years
        7. Customer Reviews: 4.5/5
    1. Gas | Husqvarna V548:
      1. This is an extremely efficient commercial mower, equipped with a compact footprint. Landscapers can arrange more landscaping products on their truck or trailer. 
      2. Providing zero-turn capability, rapid mount-dismount, unbeatable maneuvering, and ergonomic operation, operators have the best of zero-turn and commercial walk-behind combined. 
        1. Engine: Kawasaki FX Series
        2. Power: 24.5hp
        3. Cutting Deck: 48 inches
        4. Speed: 11mph
        5. Price: $11,299.99
        6. Warranty: 5 Years or 1,500 Hours
        7. Customer Reviews: 4.3/5


New  Blog Feature Image-9

Top Push Mower for 2023

  1. Gas | Toro TimeMaster 30:
      1. The self-propelled Toro TimeMaster is an actual beast. If you ask any landscaping company that’s tried this machine, there’s no doubt it would be at the top of their list. Although it is one of the higher-end push mowers, costing over $1,000 - it’s worth every penny.
      2. The TimeMaster 30 has two (yes, TWO) blades on it across a 30-inch cutting deck. While most push mowers are around 18-24 inches, this 30-inch cutting deck gives you an extra foot on each pass. It even has a feature that allows you to let off the gas, and keep the engine running! 
        1. Engine: Briggs & Stratton 223cc OHV
        2. Cutting Deck: 30 inches
        3. Price: $1,500
        4. Warranty: 3 Years
        5. Customer Reviews: 4.5 /5 
  1.  Electric | EGO 21″ 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless
    1. This EGO battery-powered push mower is equipped with a 3-in-1 function, including mulching, bagging, and side discharge. With a full charge, it can run up to 65 minutes, with the two 56V 4.0ah ARC Lithium batteries included in your purchase.
    2. With 6 adjustable cutting heights, ranging from 1.5” to 4,”  it also includes an easy-access 2-bushel grass collection bag, and cuts all grass types, from St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grass.
        1. Engine: 21in 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery
        2. Cutting Deck: 21 inches
        3. Price: $700
        4. Warranty: 5 Year Tool/3 Year Battery
        5. Customer Reviews: 4.6/5



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