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Sales Tips for Green Industry Professionals

Jan 19, 2023 7:00:00 AM / by Paige Van Metre

How do you sell your green industry business? Each business has its own tactics that work to keep customers coming back. While your work can speak for itself, keeping up with your customers and creating a professional experience send your business to the next level. Lawn Buddy has put together four tips you can easily implement into your business to keep your sales up and your customers coming back to you. 


Tip #1 Sell Your Customer's Goals

When speaking to a new customer, getting a clear understanding of their goals and wants is crucial. Once you know what your customer wants, you can start selling that goal. You can move past the services you offer that don’t cater to that specific job and get right into putting together your customer's dream. Speak about the services and products you offer that will achieve their goals for their home, and offer any services that you know would expedite the process or take the end product to the next level. It's best to ask this question from the beginning to allow yourself to skip over any unnecessary information and save yourself, and the customer, time. 


When you implement this tip, your customers will understand that you take their business seriously. You will show that the customer's needs are fully understood and that you have the capability to achieve what has been asked of you. Selling your customer's goals over your own business will ensure that you look professional and fully capable. 


Tip #2 Set Achievable and Accurate Expectations

Once you clearly understand your job, ensure your customer understands the length of time and the costs associated with your service. Some goals take time to achieve. When you let your customer know how long you need to show results right from the begging, you give yourself the space to work without the pressure of immediate results. This also keeps the customer from being disappointed when you leave the first job. Keeping your expectations, and the customer's expectations realistic will have you leaving jobs satisfied. 


Results come at a price. Make sure your customers know how much they will need to spend to achieve their goals. You may need to explain your pricing or why your business costs more than another company. Be able to back up your prices and stay firm. This will ensure you are working with the right people without the pressure a low budget will have on the job. 


Tip #3 Know Your Target Market 

Knowing what type of customers you want to serve will save you time and money. Turning down jobs and customers can be a hard task, but necessary. If your goal is to serve a certain size of yard or to only take jobs over a certain amount of money, you must learn to say no. It's important to look at saying no as a way to make room for the customers you want, and not like you are turning away money. Keeping to your target customer will help your business grow as well as make you more money in the long run. When you turn down a job you aren't leaving an open space in your schedule. Doing this makes you available for bigger and better jobs. 


Tip #4 Be Responsive 

Being a late responder is not a good look for your business, and will lose you customers. Taking time to go through your messages one or two times a day will keep customers happy and your business looking professional. Setting up automatic replies is a great way to stay on top of your responses. This way your customers get a prompt response and you have more time to answer questions. Automatic responses don’t mean that you can take a week to respond again, but they ensure your customers feel heard. Taking the time to understand customers' questions and sending out an informative response will aid your business’s look and reputation. 


Hungry for more sales tips? Check out Lawn Buddy’s podcast episode:  Sales tips for lawn care professionals for more!



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Paige Van Metre

Written by Paige Van Metre

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